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I want it gone! Come take some of it or all of it. And before you out-of-staters ask....NO, I am not interested in shipping it to you. This stuff is free to anyone who can come and pick it up. I am in the Deer Valley area.

Stock cam for a 2005 LQ4
Stock set of pushrods
Stock set of lifters (high mileage, 118,000)
Front and rear driveshafts from my truck (2001 1500 ESCB 4x4)
Stock tranny crossmember from my truck
4L60E dipstick tube
Stock cam gear from my truck
Stock 27" clutch fan shroud
Two outer pieces of the 3 piece engine cover from a 2005 (Denali I think)
Two 265/75R16 Firestone Wilderness tires. One was my original spare (unmounted) with maybe 30 miles on it. The other probably has about 16K on it and is mounted to a factory 6 lug Chevy wheel.
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