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Backspacing ?

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What is the maximum number of backspacing that a 22x9.5 wheel can have in order for it to tuck on the nbs trucks. Also will running a 305/40/22 tire be alright for stock height? Thanks
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Well I am looking at buying some Eagle 026's off a guys 4 runner and they stick out on his. I looked up the wheel and its offered in a 14mm offset and then a 40mm offset. I think they might be too wide to tuck on my truck.
They're not too wide.

If you can get those in the 40mm offset, it should work.
They are the 14mm. Also I dont know if they will fit hubcentric due to the fact that toyota hubs are bigger. I guess I could run a lugcentric setup but I dont know if it will hurt my truck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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