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Baggin my truck questions

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First some info on my truck 2000 nbs reg cab short bed I plan on running 22's. After doing some research I've been thinking about going with the thorbeck 4 link and a watts link, is there any reason you guys would suggest different? The reason I'm leaning towards this 4link is because it looks like the main difference between this and more expensive links is that this is not bolt on, but that's not a problem for me. For the front I am planning on running the ekstensive kit that allows you to lay on up to 22's. I just want to get some feedback on these parts and why this would or would not be a good set up to run. I want to do all the research and figure everything out before I start on the truck so everything goes smooth. Thanks you
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One more question. Ekstensive has a 2 link that comes with a notch and a panhard with shock and bag mounts, what is the benefit of a 4 link over a 2 link?
Thanks for the info. So is the panhard what limits going with 24's with the ekstensive kit? I'm only planning on running 22's but I'm just curious incads I ever decided to step up to 24's.
Ok cool. I Figured if I went with ektensive I could always add a watts later if I ran into any problems
Does any one know with the ekstensive kit they have for the front to lay 22's, not the control arm kit it's pretty much just bag mounts, does the coil bucket get cut off to get replaced with the upper bag mount?
Ok thanks. Im pretty sure im gonna order the full kit from ekstensive front and back with valves bags and everything. I need to order some spindles in the next few days, what do you guys recommend?
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