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Ball joints

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When installing my lift I noticed both my lower ball joints had a lot of play for 1k miles. I just regreased them and put them back in but im wondering what affects this could have on other components, they were really loose too so I think in a month of less im gonna get some better ball joints but I just want to know if I could fuck something up really quick with them like that. The uppers are nice and tight though if that changes anything.
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Lower ball joints are usually never a problem. A lot of play isn't a good thing. It will cause your good alignment to go bad, it will give your truck bad steering habbits, and can cause bad tire wear.

If there is a lot of play like you said, I'd make it a priority to fix them.

One way to tell is jack up one of your front tires up. Grab the tire at 12 and 6 o'clock, and shake it back and forth. If you have any up/down (vertical) play, your ball joints are bad. If it feels solid, you're ok.

It's normal to have a little play side to side ( 3 and 9 o'clock), and the tire will probably wiggle back and forth a tad. Don't worry about this, worry only about up and down play.
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