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Its nice had it like less than a month. The chrome ring around the phone is marked up from going in and out of the belt clip. I can replace that for like $35 bucks and you have a brand new bold.
Price $450 OBO

I dont really want to sell i just want to trade it for some thing new i went Bold, iPhone, Curve, iPhone, Now back to a Bold. I want to cut down on the monthly bill, i dont NEED email, or the data plan.

I like the iPhone so thats what im leaning toward. 3G or 3Gs or even a 2G $$$$$ on top.

All i want it maybe an iPhone, HTC? or something that has the normal shit and i can facebook on. I can add ammo, knives, cash, and just about what ever else u may want. Thanks

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I would have traded you my iPhone, but I already scooped up a bold.

Idk what the going rate is in her nose, but here the bold's going for a lil less on CL. Just an FYI.

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