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So, I'm new to GMFS, was a fairly active member of Dmaxforum for a long time, but had a recent change of employment, so had to sell the dmax. But I couldn't just not have a truck!

Got a sweet deal on this truck. $500!

...well, maybe just a good deal....

Well... I guess the price was about right....

Anyway... 04 ecsb LS, 254k miles, 5.3 had broken a timing chain(or something, never did actually check) took valve covers off and nothing moved when we cranked it.

$750 for a 99 junkyard motor with 105k, and a 1 year warranty.
New GM oil pump
LS2 timing set

Gaskets, and block heater

New water pump

Used injectors and intake/TB off pickup because new motor was cable drive.
Swapped pass side exhaust manifolds, because 99 motor had cali emissions.

Came with the headache rack, and toolbox full of tools too! Well...some tools, and a bunch of garbage...

Cut muffler out while cleaning out the fuel tank vent solenoid filter garbage, so replaced it with a nice glasspack!

Issues that need adressing...
Obviously Pass side front fender
Pass side doors...
Do something with the bed....Might be cheapest to buy fiberglass fenders and make it look like a prerunner!
Still has an exhaust leak up front somewhere, have to chase that down...
Keeps setting PO174/171 codes.. Bank 1&2 Lean.... TB dirty maybe...
Drivers seat has a giant hole chewed in it
Center console hinge is broke.
Needs a spare tire hoist. Have a brand new spare, but it rides in the bed atm
All but one speaker in the cab is blown out, and the head unit buttons are all worn off...
Got a Boss mp3 deck, with aux input, usb, card slot, 50x4W, 2x 6.5" round speakers, and 2 6x9 speakers for $56 shipped from walmart!
Chime harness/module for $15, and install bezel for $13 off ebay.
Truck didn't have any key fobs, so got a good used GM fob off ebay for $20, programmed and working.
Driver's side outside rear door handle was broken, New aftermarket one off ebay for $10.
Got a set of OEM aluminum wheels, I'll find tires after I worry about the above items...
As soon as I get new seats, I'll go have it detailed, see if all the dirt and dog hair comes out/off of everything...

I'll probably be sourcing as much of the body/interior stuff as I can locally, there is a guy around here that just parts out 00-06 GM trucks, and this silver birch metallic might be the most common color for these things, so hopefully I can find some body parts the right color for reasonable prices.

Rockauto sells fenders for 80, and doors for like 120... Any idea what a reasonable paint job should cost for parts?

Once I get the major issues taken care of, future plans include:
RC leveling kit
Rare parts HD tierods
U-bolt flip for rear, maybe blocks if it needs it.
Tires...285/75s, or maybe 255/85's for the winter if I can find decent ones..
Color match front bumper pad, maybe door handles. Probably not mirrors.
Black lower air dam, might paint it...but might just buy a new one..$75...
06 Grille/hood
fog lights
Unsure about the headache rack....It is pretty practical...but kinda ugly...
maybe HD tow mirrors...still undecided on them...
Blackbear tune
I'd like some SS LT's and off-road Y-pipe, just run a single 3" with a magnaflow or glasspack, but I dunno about a $500 tag for headers... Probably just end up building my own single 3" from the manifolds back.
Front coilover conversion
Long travel kit would be kickass...but I sure as hell wouldn't pay 4k++ for one. Have to make my own....
Hardcore prerunner! Bumpers, fenders, bedcage, etc! someday...
Might look into some z71 skidplates and stuff...

Anyway... progress will probably be slow, since I'm still a poor bish. But I'll keep updated as I work down the list.

Feel free to make suggestions! I'm always open to ideas.

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The body looks rust free so i'm chalking this up as a great find. For fenders check out Fiberwerx if you wanna one day stuff 39s. Vegas Desert Fab makes a long travel but it's a pretty penny. Stuff a big cam in it while you have it apart like a 224/230 and go aggressive with 4.88 gears if you plan on one day running 35s or bigger.

I had a similar find once. 2002 sblb with 142k miles for $1000. However in my case the guy who sold it to me though it had a blown engine. I later discovered that a torque converter bolt had simply backed into the flywheel. Flipped it for $6,000.

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Yeah, I considered putting a cam in it, but that, with springs, and pushrods, and everything, was out of my budget.

It is pretty much rust free, all the dirt covering everything protected it! lol.

I've heard fiberwerx fit like shit. Heard better reviews for glassworks.
But that's a while down the road, if ever.

I'm probably only going to go to a 32-33" narrow tire for now, so I should be ok on gears.

I am going to put in the Trans-go "reprogramming" kit after I get it tuned also.
And electric fans! Mainly so I can use hockey pucks for a cheap 1" BL and not have to deal with the fan shroud. I'd love a lift kit, but that, wheels/tires/ gears and the mpg loss just isn't gonna happen for a while. I just hate how low it is.

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Did the zone 1.5 in mine. At $160 it isn't bad considering all the grade 10+ hardware and front bumper relocation kit.

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Hm, I didn't even know there was a 1.5" body lift kit.

I'll still probably go the hockey puck route. <$30 for some pucks, a little time to drill them, and I can get my own bolts, and I plan to build custom bumpers anyway.

My eventual goal is to sell this. I'll be working on an 80's body style "mega cab" short bed, one ton, cummins/nv4500 build this summer. I've got a good suburban body that will be the start of that.

I haven't decided yet if I just want to get this back to a clean stocker look for resale, or just keep doing things I like to it and hope someone else likes the stuff I do. lol.

A 4L80E swap would be sweet too...Guess we'll see how long this stock 60E with 254k lasts...

I'll be looking into some body panels this week, that's a good place to start for either path...
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