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Beef it up, or replace it?

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All this "performance forum" surfing ha to me thinking I want to go for performance over prettiness.

Do you think it is work it to beef up my 4.8L or just bite it and replace my motor and start with something that has more potential?

I'd like to start with the motor and then replace the driveline as I get to it or I break it. If I don't work with my 4.8 these are my plans, roughly anyway.

This would definitely be an ongoing project, but at least I have some direction to go.......

-GM 6.0L
-AFR Heads
-Mild cam
-Upgraded Throttle Body
-High Performance Ignition and Fuel System
-Long Tube Headers
-STS Turbo Kit or Radix Supercharger
-Nelson Tune
-High stall Torque Converter
-High Performance 4l80e tranny or Six Speed Tremec
-Posi with 3.90's
-And all the other cool little mods :D

Obviously It would be awesome to go with a new motor and stuff, but would I be able to produce 400+ numbers with my 4.8? BTW it has 100k miles on it.:read:
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if you could get your hands on a 8.0L then you could leave it stock and still get tons of torque. then you would have an engine that could perform about the same as a built 6.0 or smaller but would last longer cause it would still be at factory specs. just thought i would let you spin that one in your head :D
You can actually do quite a bit with the 4.8, but I would definitely suggest a swap. I went for the aluminum block to save some weight, but with the HPE and SLP forged shortblocks being so cheap, it'd be silly not to go 402 or 408.

What are your goals? 11s/12s/13s? 10s?

I'd say....

HPE forged 408 shortblock
4L80-E (3000-3200 converter)
150-200 shot
Cam w/ springs & pushrods
LSX intake/90mm TB

Hmmmm.....About $12k or so worth of stuff. Wonder if that could make for 10s with the right setup? That's quite a project, but it would be BADASS!!!!
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Scream said:
CHOP but with the HPE and SLP forged shortblocks being so cheap, it'd be silly not to go 402 or 408.
:D I concur! You could do all your supporting mods to that 4.8 and make it run's like a 290 cubes.

You see how much power the Ford guys can get from a lil 8.2" deck height 302 lol Those production 2 bolt blocks crack around 550-600rwhp hahaha So that 4.8 has potential.
Yeah......I will probably go the HPE route after thinking about it if the funds ever come....

I dont want to use NOW and I will possibly turbocharge way later.....

Naturally aspirated would be cool.

I want low 12's
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