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Before and after Subs & Amps

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Well, you might remember some fuss I had over getting this new amp.. but after all I got 2 free 10" JL W6's. Pics:




I traded my 10" Alpine Type R's and my 500/1 JL Amp for 10" JL W6's and a Rockford Fosgate 2400 amp.

The system hits really loud in my car, especially with the base knob, but if you were parked next to me you probably wouldn't feel shit.

Dynamat and battery next... and maybe (free) 12" W6's AND very cheap Clarion touch screen!!

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hey man.....thats do you have the amps mounted...they just screwed in....and also how is your box set up...can you take a pic of your entire back so i can see how you did thinking of redoing mine i want some ideas....thanks man

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