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Bent Hood......Caddy Clip or Cowl to fix on OBS

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I did somethign stupid the other day. I drove my truck down the road when the day before i just put my battery back in and forgot toe close the hood. Well i drove down the road and the hood flies up. I close it and drive on. Well todayi look and realize the hood has a big wrinkile in it where the braces are that look like somebody took and hit it with a rubber mallet. Well it's not real obviouse but it's big and annoys the hell out of me. SO what should i do. What would look best on an OBS truck. Buy a cowl this winter or wait to next summer and just caddy clip the whole front end? what would look best on the truck? What would you do. BTW in regards to looks what would be best on a lifted truck? Thanks
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do you by any chance have any pics of one? Also can anybody provide links an prices to good reputable companys who sell these at a decent price? Whats the chances of me being able to get just the new clip painted without having the whole truck painted for it to match? What do you think of a caddy clip with a cowl both? Man this shit has just pissed me off.
I agree with Matt. You are going to get what you pay for. Most aftermarket crap is just that: crap. But if you pop for the extra $$ for OEM parts, you are going to have better luck with it lasting. Either way, I think a Caddy clip is the way to go if you got the money.

Good luck :bowtie:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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