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I have a 94 3/4 ton 4x4 ext cab truck. It has 3.73's and 5 speed standard trans. Motor in it is still good with low milage. What would give me the most power for the money?

Looking for it run pull better and run better.

roller rockers ?
Can anything be done with stock heads?

Any ideas would be great. My cousins owns a machine shop but has never built a hopped up TBI motor. So building it etc isn't a problem.

Just trying to get ideas on exactly what will work the first time instead of spending money trying the wrong stuff.

Would like it around 280-350 hp. Also i still want to use my throttle body and be fuel injected.

Any ideas or has any1 built one and know exactly what i need to buy or do to achieve the power i'm looking for?

Thanks Mark

Links to parts if you know what i need would be great if you have them.

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vortec heads, vortec intake to tbi, msd blaster coil, tune, 454 big block tbi unit, adjustable fuel pressure reg, better fuel pump, headers, tbi spacers, 1.6 roller rockers,
double chain timing, better cam
or stock gen 3 ls-based motor swap

afi makes some nice heads, and a intake manifold to tbi but will most likely be cheaper to do an ls swap and make more power
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