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best shock for rear flip kit

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taking off the shackle hanger kit and installing a flip kit to try and level the truck out more and hopefully get the cal-tracs working right.

what is the best shock for a flip kit out back on a 2001 silverado extended cab. its a performance application. an adjustable shock would be my preference.
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QA1 single or double adjustable will be the best option for what your wanting to do. I know on my truck at stock height the rear shocks measured 20.5 inches, so with the 6in rear drop(flip kit) the shocks would need to be 14.5 in the middle of there travel, and according to QA1's website, a TC1576P is 11.0 compressed and 16.38 extended, so that should work great for your application. Thats the Single Adjustable P/N and DTC1576P is the double adjustable one.

The singles are the one im going to run on the back of my 2003 with a MCG flip kit and notch.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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