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Big Mofo's

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these are trucks that valley spring service,(near where i live) have built. :rocking:
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are you sure about the first one, cause that is identical to the max altitude truck built in san antonio.
It sais Valley Spring Service in the background.
idk, i just saw it there
I think the SD was built by someon on It has Rockwell axles front and back :rocking: and i beleive the Suburban is for sale down here for 15,000. Cody have you seen the black Excursion driving around with 40's and 20's?
yes i have, i see it on the way to work a lot. thats badass. ya the suburban was valley's project truck, it has like 32" lift on 49's , it pretty nice.
that excursion was jsut in a recent copy of OFFROAD
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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