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billet grill

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i want to get this for my dads birthday. i know it's not a gm but has anyone bought grilles from this seller before?
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I have bougth 5 or 6 from grille4u and have had a lot of good luck with them. Thats the only place i buy them from if im getting them off ebay.

I bought the grill and bumper grille for my dad's 06 f150.
I bought my grill, and both bumpers for my 04 sierra
Also the grill for my old 98 sierra.
And 2 buddy's have bought from them with great results.
Grille4u is deff worth it!
Just ordered my grill from grille4u yesterday; I hope it looks good but I just gave in to the insane peer preasure around here.
I hear nothing but great things about this seller, but he's in Cali, so that means fucking sales tax :flame:
Do they make em without the emblem in the middle?
I got mine from grille4you also. No complaints whatsoever
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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