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Bilstein Shocks NEW 5150 series

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Hey i am interested in the Bilstein 5150 shocks. Heres some info...from their website,
Race Inspired Fixed Crossflow Reservoir - Adjustable Shock Mount Allows Unlimited Reservoir Positioning - Advanced Design Split Valving - Huge 46mm Working Piston - Maintenance Free Design - Valving for Single or Multiple Shock Application - Platinum Powdercoat Finish - Available in 6.5" to 14" Travel
Has anyone ever tried these? Are they a waste of coin, should i go with the adjustable procomp shocks?


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They are very good shocks, a step up from the 5100 series but not as nice as the 7100s. Still, dont get me wrong, they are a very very good shock, I would choose them over the procomp MX6s. Just make sure to get them valved right for your application.
Can you guys tell me all about how they valve it . I really dont feel its necessary to have duel or tripple shocks up front, however i am having a huge rebounding problem
Sounds like yoru shocks are blown. There are 2 reasons to run more than 1 shock.

1) Looks cool

2) Because in high speed offroad racing applications shock abosorbers build up lots of heat which causes fading, and running more than 1 distributes the heat across both schocks, therefor there will be less heat buildup and less performace loss (fading). A Shock is simply a device that takes mechanical energy and transformes it into thermal energy (your trucks suspension movement into heat)
last time i checked the 5150's weren't valved stiff enough for the frontend of a fullsize pickup, so if you run a single shock they will be too soft.
they come from the factory with different valving options. i think standard is 255/70, this is by memory, so theres a high chance im wrong. the higher the number the more the shock works. i think the first number refers to rebound, and the second number refers to compression. the rebound and compressiona are valved separatly. i almost got these for my truck, but ended up choosing fox's.
if you were going to run high speed in the desert your not gonna wanna be running 2 lower performance shocks. your gonna wanna run one high performance like a 2.5" resivor shock like a 7100, 9100, or a fox, king, race-runner, etc.....having two shocks to distribute the heat with two lesser performance shocks isnt gonna work as well as a resivored shock designed to be run high speed in the desert and tackle heat problems.

oh wait....duh the 5150 is a resivor....i guess if one can hack it if you valed two light enough it would work....but why do that when you can get one awesome shock?
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