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Black Bear Autocal Instructions

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I just received my autocal in the mail today from Black Bear Performance. However, I was unable to get into the customer login so I can't see the instructions to configure it.
Do any of you know how to set it up and start the data recording? And also what to download?
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Finally was able to login to find the instructions. But now that everything is downloaded i try to record data and the error message $0482 appears....
I searched the code and it was for updates to the firmware. But I have already checked for updates and firmware and both are up to date.
I'm starting from scratch right now. I did some research and found that the download on the efi website was not the latest version. Instead you had to download it from their forums in order to have the latest version.
Here's the link to where I'm currently downloading the new EFI v8
Did you use the Candidate 1 release? Your firmware version should be at least .81.
I think I finally got it! I redownloaded EFI Live Version 8 for the final time. Redid every step that I memorized from the instructions. Then got in my truck and started the data collection. I put about 27-28 minutes on the data collection before saving it. I did some highway speed runs with some regular throttle and some wide open throttles. Then drove down some other roads and eventually went into a subdivision. I think I got enough data collected for my tune.
I will be sending the data shortly.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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