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black bear performance tune

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Does anyone have a black bear performance tune? If so what kind of performance or mileage gains did you have? Can he recalibrate the speedometer for different tire size?
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he has about the best customer service out of anybody I've ever talked to. The guy isn't in it at all for the money. He's helped me out a ton getting started with my tune.

I definantly wouldn't hesitate for a second to order from him.

I would expect up to 3-4 mpg increase with a 93 octane tune.

Yes he can recalibrate for speedo changes!
he is AWESOME at what he does.. he did my truck a while back... and then he helped me put on headers this weekend and he re tuned my truck... i wouldn't even think twice about getting a tune from him or recommending someone to get a tune from him. also he answers his pm's very fast and will answer ANY questions you have..
I am in the process of getting my truck tuned right now. Justin is great and he has helped me big time.

I would not think twice abot getting a tune from him.
He's the only tuner that I'd recommend. :read:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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