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Black S500 Detail

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Cleaned up my neighbor's 500 today. Wasn't all that bad really, just some medium swirling and light contamination and water spotting. But it was dirty as all hell and had bug crap everywhere... I thought it came out purrty good :D


And after

That ain't wax in the body line, it's clear coat coming off (He had the ugly grey on the rockers resprayed and I guess they sprayed in there too?)

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looks good man!....came out really nice!.......
whats this golden gate stuff?

pc or rotary?
what steps did you use?
turned out nice!!!! great work.
whats this golden gate stuff?

I dont have any idea, so this is a shot in the dark. But from the looks, it appears to be a private labeled/rebadged chemical guys product :maybe:
Golden Gate North is my local distributors house name, they're got a number of different products they offer and all perform well, Chery Wet Wax is a new product to me though. I've heard about it before but never tried it until yesterday, I walked into GGN to purchase some pads and dressing and decided to try a new wax while I was there. Can't remember how much the qt. was (I want to say around $20?) and it was worth it. Very easy to apply and extremely easy to remove, almost too easy IMO. A little goes a long ways too. Has a nice candy-like smell to it as well :D
I know it's just a re-labeled product as I've seen it sold by a few different manufacturers online, but I haven't a clue where they get it.

As for the steps I took...

Presta Ultra Cutting Creme Light via flat green Edge pad (Rotary)
Presta Swirl Remover via White Edge pad (Rotary)
Megs Machine Glaze applied by hand
Cherry Wet Wax X1 by hand
Presta Spray N Shine for final inspection

Oh yeah, Mike...that towel pictured is one of P&S's new Extreme Performance Towels. I don't know if you've seen them yet but they kick ass! Tightly woven, super plush (IMO) and they're still a hell of a deal, like $6 for a 4 pk. They make windows SO EASY :rocking:
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A local distributor in Victoria, TX also sells the "Cherry Wet Wax" under their own name label. Instead of Golden Gate, the company is American Detail Products. I just bought some today.
any chance if you know if that car has been wrecked? the pass side lenses look

and it looks good mang.
any chance if you know if that car has been wrecked? the pass side lenses look

and it looks good mang.
It was, about 8 months ago...Old woman pulled out in front of his wife and the front was smashed. I hit the left one with some metal polish and #0000 steel wool but didn't even see much of an improvement, usually it helps quite a lot :hmm:
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