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blackbear tune

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has anyone ever heard anything about blackbear performance tunes?
sounds like a good deal for only $200..are they as good as nelson, westers eetc?
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I think it's FAR better. I was using one of the names you mentioned, but Justin @ Black Bear will be handling my future needs. :read:

I got tired of waiting for an entire month before the previous tuner would reply to a basic email. This happened a couple times before I finally got pissed and gave up. I got great service when I was directly in front of him, but the moment I left, it went straight to hell. I got tired of it, so I got EFILive and Justin's been helping me tweak my tune via email. His customer service is refreshing. It's nice to get a response on the same day, and normally within an hour.

He is not like the other mail order tunes, which are all cookie cutters. He sends you a cable, which you plug into the OBD2 port, to log your truck. You return the cable, and he sends out a pcm, with a tune that is customized, based on the data that you collected during the log. It is much more accurate than the random shot in the dark that you'll get with any of the mail order guys.

This weekend, I'm swapping a 370 in my truck, and Justin will be sending me a base file to work with, and we'll nail it down through logging and emails. I would not have the confidence to try this with the other guys. I know that Justin will return my emails in a timely manner and get the job done right. :D
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right on man..that sounds dfinitely gonna give him a shot.thats was the performance u got out of his tuning?
right on man..that sounds dfinitely gonna give him a shot.thats was the performance u got out of his tuning?

Due to my own greediness, I blew a hole in the #7 piston before I could take it back to the track, but I had a blast doing it. :LOL: It ran much better though. My case is extreme, and not a very good judge; but I'd guess I picked up .6 and 4 mph. Several others on the tahoe board have been impressed as well. def givin him a shout..thanks man
no problem :shake:

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
i agree with everything that John said. Justin has done my custom tuning for more than a year (magnacharged 4.8) and 15+ of my friends trucks, ranging from tahoes to escalades to trucks. not once has anyone had a single complaint with him. he is prompt, VERY knowledgable, and honest. going with him (black bear) will be the best decision you ever made for your truck.
JustinSS is going by BlackBear now? Good to know....

I'm gonna be calling on him when I get my new truck.

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