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Willyswanter's Truggy will hit the trails of Moab once again at this years Blazer Bash as the completion of his last build comes to an end. Below is what is happening and it would be great if guys from GMFullSize made it out there so I can meet as many as possible.

General Information

When: September 13 - 21, 2008

Traveling: September 13 and arrive at Moab on September 14
Leaving for home: September 20 and arriving home September 21

Where: Moab, UT

Camping Information

Reserved four spaces at Slickrock Campground; one for Willyswanter’s Bro with Motorhome #87, #86 for JR and two for camping #112 and 113. Willyswanter's Bro will be leaving on the 14th and arriving in Moab on the 15th.

Willyswanter’s Dad will be staying at Motel 6; 1089 S. Main Street; (435) 259-6838. Arriving on 16th and leaving same time as everyone else.

List of Attending

Willyswanter’s Dad with Rock Yacht or aka Rock Star Limo
Willyswanter’s Bro
Cracker (hopefully) and Mel (only if Cracker's schedule allows him to come)
bggrnchvy and Danielle
barbastard and Cathy
K5LS1 and Groupie
JR (finally working on his own rig)

Trail Run List

Group I - Everyone but most experienced with rigs to match

Monday - Porcupine Rim Trail

Tuesday - Steel Bender

Wednesday - Flat Iron Mesa

Thursday - Strike Ravine

Group II - Hard Core Wheelers with Rigs to Match

Monday - Golden Spike

Tuesday - Upper Helldorado

Wednesday - Pritchett Canyon

Thursday - Hell's Revenge

Both Groups

Friday - Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, and Poison Spider Mesa (Stopping to Place Plaque at Jason’s Site )

Friday Night - Blazer Bash Bar-B-Q where Willyswanter's trophy is passed on to the 2008 best engineered rig's owner.

Saturday Morning - pack/breakfast

Saturday Afternoon - Leave for home.

From Willyswanter after Blazer Bash ‘06

"Thanks for coming with me everyone. Much better than the years before where I just followed the ck5 crew around. Had a blast wheeling with the non-webwheeling nor cal web wheelers."
In 2008 it will be “Thanks for coming to see me everyone ”.

Illiterate Newbie
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Steve Fox from CK5 just let me know there will be no charge for the Friday night BBQ if Jason's friends want to come! I need to let them know how many people are coming to eat.
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