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As you can guess by my screen name I am Steve. I live in North Eastern Illinois-the overcrowded part. I had an 01 4x4 2 door Blazer for about seven years. It was the all too common GM pewter color. Was rusting between the doors and rear wheel wells like many of them do. However at 158K it was still running good. Would still be driving it had some guy not come across the center and plowed into a family member while they were driving it and totaled it the Monday before this past Thanksgiving.

I replaced it with my first Tahoe. A 00 Z71. That is of course GM pewter! I don't hate the color, just so sick of it. Picked it up Jan 2nd. It had about 108.5K on it. Which from my shopping around is lower mileage for these trucks. It is in great shape body wise. The underside is very clean. The body only has some very early stages of rust on the door edges. Going to clean that up this spring and coat it to stop that. The front bumper has lost some paint & has some rust. Fairly common from the pictures I have seen. Seeing as I cant paint MATCH, I am going sand both bumpers down and paint them black-think it might make it look a little tougher. The interior is very good shape. I can only find one little tiny hole in the drivers seat. The carpets are in good shape. The dash is not cracked. As for options, I think it might have nearly every option out there for a 00.

I have nicknamed it The Beast. Though I am not sure when I will go on a road trip, I am looking forward to my first road trip with it. I have a few things I need to fix on it but I got a hell of deal on it even with having some work to do on it. I hope people don't mind me hitting the forum with questions as I got quite a few. I haven't had much luck finding info I am looking for and hope I can find info through this forum. Looking forward to talking with others here, thanks-Steve
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