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Blazer Update:

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Did a couple new mods to my 94' 2dr. Blazer recently. Went up to Carlisle last weekend for the spring swap meet and picked up some new parts. Got a new air cleaner setup w/ K&N, front-end parts (grille/headlights/parking lights/clears/billet), and picked up some new exhaust. No pics of the exhaust yet. I'll update with some pics/vids after I put it on this weekend. Anyway, on to the pics:

Old Intake setup (stock with goofy home-made tube, had to try it :crazy: ):

New Intake setup:

New Front-end parts:

Old Front-end:

New Front-end:

Couple clean shots:

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Very nice:read:
Looking damn good.
That thing has come along very nicely since you got a hold of it:imo:shake:
Much much cleaner!
I love full size Blazers. I always thought 31's would look small on one but yours looks perfect.
sweet shit
looks great i wouldnt ever change shit about it
looking good man :bowtie:
I cant believe i still havent seen this one in person. :nono: Looking better and better everyday.
Thanks for the compliments everyone... I'm pretty happy with the way its coming along.

Next, I need to install my new exhaust. I had a single Flowmaster on the stock tailpipe on it, and picked up a new Magnaflow single in/dual out and some 2 1/2" tailpipes.

- 33/12.50's
- RC T-bars
- new shocks
- clean up the interior with some new stuff (carpet, armrests,etc.)
looks good, you need to get a new bumper that has the round fog lights built into it.
looks good, you need to get a new bumper that has the round fog lights built into it.
Yeah, I'd like a smooth chrome or the diesel one your talking about, but the bumper I have is currently in good shape. And, I can spend the money elsewhere right now.

Maybe down the road though!!! :hmm:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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