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so what would you guys suggest in getting? i've been looking at kicker stuff, but im not really sure anymore whats quality... i have all kenwood excelon stuff in my s10, but idk if i want more kenwood stuff going into my silverado.....

i want to get all the speakers re-done, with tweeters and amp'd up...

would i just get a 500 watt amp to cover or what? can it be a mono or does it have to be a 2 channel?

man i hate being a speaker noob..... lol i've been searching and reading up on stuff all night, but now im more confused then i was earlier in the day..

but anyways, but kind of speakers would you look into getting? price is not too much of a concern, but i dont want anything unreal prices ya know? just moderate with quality..

thanks for any help guys, i appreciate it a lot
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