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This is for the procomp 20's and the cooper tires I bought from him.

I paypaled him on the 5th of may, set up a plan to pick these up on the 23rd after I sent him the 1st half of the money.

on the 18th I confirmed that I would be up early in the morning on the 23rd (a 5 hr round trip for me to pick these up) everything was set, then the next day he tells me he has to come thru IL for a family emergency, says he will meet me along the route, then changes plans again, saying hes taking a car to get better mpgs, and I can come up and get hte rims and his buddy will open the house for me, or he will ship them. I sold my stockers already so i said Ill come up and get them, I paypal him the other half of the money.

at 8pm the day before i am leaving to get them, he calls me and says sorry bud, you can't come my buddy took off for the weekend. He says he will ship them out tuesday. I ask for my money back he refuses.

Tuesday comes, I get a call, sorry can't ship them its too much money for me to eat. I ask for my money back again, he says no, I say ill be up to get them wednesday.

He eventually made things right by giving me $100 back for being jerked around. I think hes just a busy guy but it would have been nice if he could have been a little more organized about this since he already had my money for a while, and i was driving so far to get them.

Also, he said he easily cured the rubbing in his for sale thread, I am beginning to think that isnt true and the reason he sold them is cause of the rubbing issue and not wanting to cut up his truck.

all in all a good guy from what I can gather, but not the greatest seller.
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