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My truck should be going to paint before the end of the year (keeping my fingers crossed). However, there are a few areas in my paint that need some help that i think i could take care of, however, ive never done any kind of body work, so, i was hoping ya'll could help me.

on my passenger side door in the body line, my paint has chipped... really bad, its gone from the front of the door all the way back to the rear door jam. i was thinking that i could sand it down to either the primer or the bare metal and just re-primer it with rattle can primer (dont have a spray gun) so i can save on some labor. what would i use to do this as far as sandpaper grit and other things.

also on my passenger side, on the rear half of my cab (ext cab) there is some weird body damage. It looks like a bad body patch that was never fully smoothed over and just painted over. It really just needs to be smoothed out, again, sand paper grit... procedure... etc.

any help ya'll could give me would be great. ill have some pictures up within the next few days.

thanx for your help
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don't use rattle can primer if you're gonna spray base over it. I would definately use some quality paint gun primer to do it. Sure, it may look good for a while, but irattlecan is cheap primer. As far as the spot on the ext cab, sand it down, beat out the dents as best as possible, and spread a skim coat of filler on it.

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slamdfullsize said:
with the filler, will it need primer as well?
It sounds like you need to leave the bodywork to some else.

If you have a good bodyman and then you put the absolute worst paint job over it, it can just about always be fixed and be a show winner.

If you do a crappy job on bodywork, and then get the best painter in the world to spray it, it's still gonna look like shit. And there is not way to ever fix it but start over.
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