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You're in good company! When It became time for Dr. Neon to cool down the super charged LS7 engine in the “Snap-On” Glo-mad he chose only Zirgo™ Cooling Fans and products. Dr. Neon only uses Zirgo™ Cooling Products on his projects and so should you.

Zirgo™ fans use the latest technology and high performance motors to offer maximum force CFM, up to 3000 and a long life of smooth operation.

Zirgo™ fans are available in black and chrome allowing you to dress up or hide your fan.

For unbeatable heat, fight back with Zirgo's™ strongest motors! Zirgo's™ unique revolutionary motor designs offer low amp draw, while allowing for future performance upgrades. To ensure peak performance Zirgo's™ easy-to-remove motor allows you to upgrade or exchange your motor in the future. Simply remove 4 screws, insert the new motor, and you're done! Zirgo's™ high-torque fan motors feature sealed ball bearings and fully balanced blades to ensure low noise levels and a long life of smooth operation. All Zirgo™ fans also feature reversible blades which allow them to operate as pushers or pullers. Available with flat blade or "S" blade.
Zirgo's™ ultra thin design and unmatchable performance, along with a limited lifetime warranty, make Zirgo™ the optimal fan for the ultimate vehicle. Let Zirgo™ high performance fans cool you down, when you heat up!

Zirgo™ fans use the high performance sealed motors to offer maximum force CFM, and a long life of smooth operation.

We got you covered! When quality counts, count on Zirgo™. Only Zirgo™ Cooling Fans are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. You can be assured once your Zirgo™ Fan is installed you do not need to worry about ever adjusting, removing, or maintaining your Fan again.


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