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Yah so like a retard I was power jacking today (well trying didnt want to) and heard a big boom. Then i had a nice clunking sound while drivin. It then progressed to not moving at all so i had to front wheel drive it up the trailer. I knew it was going to go but i kept trying, god knows why. Tomorrow i'm gonna take the diff cover off and see whats left. I'll have some pics up too. I took some of my truck on the trailer but am too lazy to post it right now. I'll be running 4.88 and 31's! Anyone want to race to 30mph when its fixed? lol
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ok what is power jacking and where is your front bumper at. I hate breaking shit, that is why i got away from jacked up trucks

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Power jacking is when you put your foot on the break and gas at the same time to break the back tires loose :driver:
Front bumper is sitting in my garage waiting to be put back on. I've been really lazy after the I put the body lift so it hasn't been taken care of.
This is the first big thing i've broken on my truck. Of course I hope it's the last but i know it wont be.

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4.88s and 31s is going to suck IMO, way too many RPMs for a daily driver. you will rev through first gear so fast its crazy. :insane:

but as long as you plan on getting bigger tires then its definatly smarter to go all the way now
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