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Borla XR1 Mufflers

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Well everyone I need some help here, the wife and I are having our second kiddo and I need help choosing a new exhaust setup! My truck is a 2010 GMC Sierra Denali I have a BTR stage two cam, Texas speed long tube headers ( 1 3/4 ) to a three inch Y-pipe ( not cats ) three inch exhaust with a shitflow 40 single in single out straight out the back with a 3 1/2 inch tip.. I’m currently looking at Borla and I’m stuck between two XR1’s I’m shooting for something on the mellow side of the two it’s either the 40085 or the 40944 ( 16 inch oval case ).
I have an idea on the exhaust setup I want but I just want others input between the two mufflers as well.
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Id go oval case for sure. Because I currently have a circle, and I swear the oval sounded better.

But serious all Borla XR-1 sound great no matter shape. Iv had tons of them, and i honestly cant say if theirs any for sure difference in sound.

Techincaly circle case is suppose to be a little raspy/louder than oval.
Thanks man I appreciate it! My 40 series just doesn’t sound good to me anymore!
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