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bose sub and amp F/S

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for sale bose sub/w enclosure and amp with harness from a 03+ console

make offer

pm me
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Is this a lux or non lux amp?

what are you referring to as LUX....luxuary? not sure bought console with the sub&amp and have no need for it

most cut up the sub instead of disasmembling the console
From what I understand there are two bose systems. The one that is the most common is in the trucks ,suburban / yukons. The other one that has the lux amp is normally in the cadillac's and denali's with the touch screen nav systems.

I am not sure if the lux amp is used when the dvd nav system is not installed. I currently have the bose system in my truck. I am looking for the lux amp. I will be doing the dvd nav system in the future. Can you take a few pics of what you have?

yea tomorrow ill try and get a chance. the console came from a suburban the seller said
this should be a standard amp. what color is the console? And what are you looking to get for it?

make resonable offer for the sub and amp
email me when you get pics, im interested, thanks.

[email protected]
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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