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Hey guys,
I have a set of Boston Acoustic Z6 components. It is just the 2 main front door speakers that come with the kit. They each have their own individual crossovers to tune the setting to just how you like it. They sound absolutely AMAZING!! These were used for about 6 months. Its hard to believe all the sound comes out of these 2 speakers! They are in excellent shape and i was planning to use them in my new truck but im thinking i may just stick with stock as i could use the money on some other things right now and buy a system again later when im ready.

Im thinking $320 shipped would be fair on these. I cant remember exactly what i paid for them but it was up in the $700+ range new.

They have some slight wear (scratches) just from being installed in the doors mostly on just the crossover cases but nothing major at all. Nothing that would effect the quality and they are on the inside of the doors anyhow. Just being honest even though it really doesnt have any effect as i said on the quality of the components.
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