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bow tie emblem

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Where can I find a colored bowtie emblem that goes on the grill?? I saw them and hit the close button on accident and I don't know what the website was. PLEASE HELP
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1buda said:
Just get a billet bowtie, or take yours off and paint it the same color as your truck.

That is what half of these online retailers are doing...just taking stock emblems and painting themselves. And after seeing the quaility of some these guy's paint jobs, I think you would be better off just to paint it yourself.

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I thought about painting it too. I can also do what I did to my eclipse and that is take some reflective tape and put it on. When I did that to my eclipse everybody asked where I got the emblem from because they never saw one that was reflective. It held up real good on the road and never tried to peel after washing or with age.
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