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Box size

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Not truck related.. built my little stereo a while ago, been meaning to build a better box for the sub, i know its more of a mid, but i adjust the lpf to use it as a sub
currently have this in about a .5-.6^3ft box.. doesnt sound deep enough

This is the only info i've found for a box size that fits it

does it seem right to have that big of a box for such a cheap little mid?
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i know its a mid from listenin to it lol, but it'll only be played in my room or the garage.. not looking to get deep, just get it in the correct sized box.. was hoping you guys could tell by the specs if the link i gave was true or not.. dont have time to be building 3 boxes
yea cause right now the .5^3ft box is restricting it from probably going under 300hz.. shooting for 80-100hz.. ill just build a 1.3ft box
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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