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This seems like the best place for this question ......
Stainless Stell Brake Company .. does anyone here roll with their product? I have heard some good things about them and want some first hand comments.

How about Baer Brakes? I have Heard alot of shit comments about them ... but it seems ppl still buy the product ....

I am in need of pads and Rotors ... and I have been Quoted like 1200.00 as a price in my area .... :nono:

I plan of lifting my truck and want a better system ... so instead of getting brakes now and then a year when I lift it .... and re do the brake I figured I would just do it now ... and buy from someone here a set of rims to last till I get the welds I want. This is what I want from SSBC

GMC - 1/2 Ton Truck (4WD) - 2000

Front Force 10 4-Piston Aluminum Caliper Disc Brake Kit

Disc to disc upgrade kit with Force 10 Extreme 4-piston aluminum calipers and 14" rotors. Bolts to stock spindles. Requires 18" or lager wheels. Will not fit HD (8 lug) vehicles.

General Specs:

Part Number A126-29
Retail Price $2,130.00
Minimum Wheel Size 18"

Caliper Specs:

Name Extreme
Number of Pistons 4
Piston Size 48mm
Constructed From Aluminum
Standard Finish Clear Anodized
Optional Finishes Polished or Powder Coated

Rotor Specs:

Diameter 14"
Thickness 1.250"
Venting Directional (curved vane)
Standard Finish Slotted and Plated
Optional Finishes None
Bolt Pattern 6 x 5.5"

All hardware included.

Calipers come with clear anodized finish. Optional polishing or powder-coating available.

Includes Force 10 Extreme 4-Piston aluminum calipers.

Includes Turbo slotted rotors with Xtra Life plating.

Click here to see the caliper's standard clear anodized finish.


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bump :evil:

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I looked at SSBC as I think their Hummer kit will fit an HD... :secret:
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