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BRAND NEW: Alpine subs, JBL amp...

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2 10" Alpine Type R subs, both new in the box, asking $325 + shipping for both. 1 600.1 JBL Amp, new in the box, asking $200 + shipping. All is brand new, never used. Pics upon request. Let me know if interested.
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sorry, ill get pics tomorrow. The subs are 10" DVC 2ohm versions, and the amp is 600watt, 1 channel amp, 2 ohm optimized. Im not much on audio stuff, so for any other specs, refer to the JBL and Alpine website i guess.

edit: nevermind, here are some pics of the amp, brand spankin new, in the box.

also, the subs look exactly like these , but if still needed i can get some pics of the actual subs tomorrow.
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