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bright silver mett. with small blue flake

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i am almost done doing the body work to my truck. i just have to blockit all out now. its a almost fully shaved rcsb nbs. right now its the carbon color like aaronheberts. i am wanting to switch to a different color thats easy to clean since its a daily driver. i love washing cars but not everyday.
im thinking the silver thats on the G35 or that silver on the new volvos. but with a blue pearl/tint/flake to it.
give your opinions and post up pics if you want
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silver in general is a badass color on the silverados.
oh btw my truck is 05. i also like these. forgive the german cars im a vw nut too

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that last silver is badass. id go for that.
the G35 silver would look sick in general, with a pearl or a flake in it would really set it off though :head:
that golf color is porsche seal grey. def. one of my alltime fav.
im kinda torn between that and a lighter silver with blue flake
hey lifted O5 i know its sunday and your just chillin how bout hookin a brotha up witha photochop. comon you know you wanna:endofshow
put that seal grey color on one of these trucks for me. please

this truck has my wheels but mines fully shaved so if you wanna color match it to seal grey and shave thehandles that would be rad whatever pics works best for you
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The last silver would look great with a fair amount of flake.
thanks josh for the chop. maybe ill go buy a photoshop program and play with it.
thanks josh for the chop. maybe ill go buy a photoshop program and play with it.
People buy it??? :roflmao: I guess I missed that step lol
Silver is a sweet color on the nbs I'm painting mine bright silver metallic that chrysler uses should be done this week.
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