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Brown truck brought my JL8W6 today

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I just got my JL Audio 8W6's today. damn they are small!! i wanted to know what apm i should get?

any opinions on these subs and amps would be great.
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i got two 8W6 though. wont i need a diff amp??

what amp to you have Matt?
I would go with the JL 500/1 amp, I used to have it, it's a nice amp. It will power those things fine.
thanks alot guys i will look into it!!!!!
how many did you get?
^^^^^^^^^^^^^Two JL Audio 8W6^^^^^^^^^^^^
Definately go with the 500/1 that will give you plenty of power and that amp is known for great sound quality.
so if i get the 500/1 will i bumb????

i listen to hip hop mostly.
yeah you will bump very good for 8's, but 8's aren't really what you want for hip-hop honestly. I would go for 10's or 12's
yeah i kinda figured that but i dont really like toooooooo much bass. my friends have 12's and one of them has 15's and all you get is bass. i get kinda tired of hearing all the ( boom ). dont really want to be heard two blocks down or any thing like that. just enough for it to sound good.

I couldnt use 10's b/c i am making to box down fireing and i wouldnt have enough leg room.
I am making the box my self. it will be down fireing. I am using 1/2 mfd fiber board, and its going to be custom built. not any old box!!
if you really want to bump id sell those and get 1 10w7
i cant the seat will be to close to the dash. i origin. wanted 10's but i wasnt comfortable w/ the way my seat was.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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