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bumper cap p/n

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does anyone know the part # for the factory smooth bumper cap for my 03
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15096922 comes up as a tailgate cap
15059627 is the number i just found, that is definitely it as long as its smooth but it says its for 03-06 and 03 & 04 dont come with the smooth cap
the number i have for the smooth cap that i purchased is 89025820. an HD will have a diff number cause the cap is a bit taller.
awesome good enough for me, do you remember how much you paid for it, and in your sig you have color matched mirror covers too, did you buy them pewter or have them painted. thanks alot man
my girl bought them painted like that. was like 40 bucks if i remember right. the cap was like 135 shipped from gmpd. got it and my bowtie painted for like another 100.
i didnt think you could get the mirror caps already painted except for popular colors like white, red, and black
nah you can. you can get flares, handles, tailgate surrouns, mirror caps, etc painted already.
do you know from where or have a p/n for the mirror caps cuz i have looked all over
i dont man.. my girl got them for me bout a year ago. she got them from the dealer so hit them up. like i said it was like 40 bucks.
i checked with the local dealer and they said no but the guy also seemed like he had no idea what i was talkin about so i may have been lied to, i'll check with the chevy dealer 10min away this weekend. thanks
i went to a different dealership today and they told me the same thing as before, you cant buy pewter mirror caps painted without buying the whole $350 mirror
gay.. lemme see if i can get the part number. i have silver birch not pewter so it may be different dude.
2003 to 2007c Silver Birch 59u Escalade Handles – 17801133
2003 to 2007c Silver Birch Mirror caps - 17800656
2003 to 2007c Chrome Mirror Caps - 17800659

figured you might be interested in these...
i did some more looking and i think the guy was right. i know you can get silver birch but it looks like ill have to get mine painted pewter, i thought yours was pewter. thanks guys
no problem...
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