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bumper cap questions & grille questions

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well i should be gettin my truck back by saturday.... everything will be pewter except for the bumper cap, airdam and grille shell surround.. well i began sanding on another stock grille shell.. and all i can say is.......... FUCK THAT... that texture is relentless and i would rather get a tahoe grille shell and pre painted bumper cap... my question is... is there a cap that comes ready to paint from the factory or can i only get the ones from the tahoe z71 that are pre painted? if so whats the part number for the pewter one? also would like a part number for chrome tahoe grille shell
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Not sure but u can get a Z71 grille shell already painted.....and just buy a Tahoe bumper cap. They are ready for paint and well worth it :imo :bowtie:
i want the CHROME tahoe grille shell.. not painted.. only thing i want painted is the bumper cap.. whether it be the already pewter z71 cap or one thats just prepped and ready for paint..
It doesn't have to be a z71 tahoe bumper cap. Some regular tahoes come with painted caps also. When i got mine it came unpainted from gm.
anyone have a part number then? i need one asap
pussy :LOL: :LOL: if you have a little patience, just sand the stock one, youll save a LOT of money fropm buying a already painted tahoe one
pewter00 said:
anyone have a part number then? i need one asap
This is the part number I have on the receipt for my Hoe grille.

15182285 - Chrome Tahoe grille
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