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Buyer Beware - KDS Performance

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Had a terrible experience with this place(, just thought I should pass it on. Here is a review I wrote, I tried to stick to the facts.

"I ordered a Transgo shift kit and vette servo combo kit. I was only sent the vette servo but was charged for the entire combo kit. I tried to call and email KDS and all phone calls and emails went unreturned. I sent the corvette servo back (which was the only thing I was sent - got a confirmed delivery) and requested to have my money refunded, but the money was still not refunded. Buyer beware of this merchant, the customer service was non existant and they try to keep the money for undelivered products."

Good thing I used a CC.

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onyx said:
i bought 2 billet servos 1-2 and overdrive, with no problems.

Ditto, problem free experience. :think:
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