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Call me crazy cause I am. 472 big block in a OBS

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I got a buddy who wants to get rid of a badass 472 Caddy big block with Triple high rise and Triple 2 barrels, with a trick Aluminum Air cleaner. I am thinking of bolting this into a OBS fullsize Chevy and was wandering will it work with standard Chevy trannies. I got a 4l60, a Turbo 400, and possibly a new 700r4 which one would be the best for show duty, occasionly seeing 200 to 300 mile trips. I know the caddies orignally came with a turbo 400 but are they Chevy pattern or BOP pattern. Figure this woudl be trick setup that want ever be seen in a 93 Truck. ANd basically what you think about the setup
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