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Calling All Body Drop Experts

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I was curious.... is it possible to leave ur bed floor stock if you channel or do a traditional bd on ur truck?

I know if you sfbd, its possible. But what about the other methods?

Ive researched and searched but all ive come up with is people usually just raise the bed floors but i wanna know if its possible to just drop the rear frame section like the frame horns in the front and keep the bed floor stock minus wheel wells and notch cover of course .

Thanks in advance cause Im hella slow to respond!!
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We manage to keep the stock bed floor when we do a back half/ three quarter/ or full frame
if you kept the stock floor you would need to have a back half and you would still have a huge notch cover.
It is possible with a back half as stated before. So I guess that would make it possible, but impractical. If you are going to back half the truck then I would just build the frame and stock floor it. I do think it looks weird though. Of course I raised my bed floor so I wouldn't have any notch at all so I am a bit biased.

too many things come into factor when you do a stock floor for the bed area.
you will have less room for air managment
less room for susp setups
less room for a gas tank.
if anthing just drop the rear behind the notch down the amoutn and only raise the in front of the notch. that way when you opent he gate it still looks stock
werd Im going through this right now with my bed.

seems like more work having to back half than just raising the bed floor.
I only had to raise my floor about 1.5" I will snap pics when I get home
I only had to raise my floor about 1.5" I will snap pics when I get home
you have a cutout for your notch thought right?
you have a cutout for your notch thought right?
Oh yeah sorry I didn't put that in, Yeah, I already had my notch hole there so I decided I wanted to keep the depth of the floor as tall as possible, after helping my sister move this weekend, I am glad I left it this way
You can always do an underslung frame...then all you need is a lil bump for the differential. I'm in the middle of a 68 c19 build right now I did that way.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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