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Cam decision on 6.0L

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lol, sup guys? on my way here to use the computer i get pulled over for running a stop sign... what's this world coming to these days... :anitoof:

alright, i'm looking to do some mods to the valvetrain in my 6.0. Right now i'm looking to port and polish the heads, new cam, solid lifters, rods and rockers.

I want a cam that is mostly for low to mid range, i want it to just scream on low end. What duration and lift would remedy this most efficently. Also, what manufacturer makes solid lifters for my application?

I'm doing this in the HP engines class here at Wyotech. We have not got into cams all that much yet, that's why i'm looking to you guys. Right now we are doing Chassis Fabrication, this class rules :head:

Thanks a lot guys!
Justin Mafackin Jones