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Cam question

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This cam

.465/.465 Lift - 221°/221° @ .050

270°/270° Adv. Dur.

108° Lobe Center

vs this cam

.465/.465 Lift - 224°/224° @.050

282°/282° Adv. Dur.

114° Lobe Center

So with the lift being the same, how will the advertised duration and lobe center affect the performance? Just wondering. The first cam says RPM Range: 2000 - 6200 and the second one says RPM Range: 2200 - 5200
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Well lets see here, the 224 cam will make better power across the entire band while the 221 will make good power across the band but more so in the higher RPMS. Your going to get more peak torque faster out of the 221 but you will get more total torque out of the 224. It also depends on the LSA, you only posted the lobe centerline. Post that up and it will help determine the powerbands of the 2 cams a little better.
They dont show the LSA for these :think: Just the lobe center
well then I will tell you this. If they are +0 cams which means their LSA is the same as the CL then the 108 is going to be a choppy cam with a lot of lope and the 114 is going to be a bit more mild but the 108 will be act a lot like the cam I have in my truck right now, peak torque comes on pretty fast, like 3000rpms fast and stays there, in the 114 it will take a while to get to peak like 4000. These are just guesses though, you would have to have it dynoed to get exact numbers but you get the idea.
Yeah I see what your saying. I might have to play around with a few and have it dynoed each time :hmm:
what's this going in btw? If it's going in a small block 350 or the 383 you've been talking about then your looking at way too small of cams :imo
In my 350 for now. Ive just got the urge to play around with it right now since I dont have to DD it right now. .480 is the max lift on stock heads anyways.
This is the cam it has right now .382''/.402'' Lift, 165.9°/174.8° @ .050'' Dur., 111.9° Lobe Sep. Angle

Thats :weaksauce: :imo
:word: If it was me I would put something in the low 230 range in a 350 :imo
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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