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Can I pull it?

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I bought a '98 k2500with a 350 and 3.73 gears. Do yall think this will pull my show truck on a goosneck. Most everywhere, the shows are are straight roads with hardly any hills. Show truck weighs about 9000#s
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Well it will be way overloaded for one thing. It will pull it but get horrible mileage and stopping would be great fun. With something that heavy on that heavy of a trailer you are much better off with a 1 ton dually with 4.10's if a gas engine.
zubyc said:
what is your show truck?
his truck on 46's:read:
So you bought the truck as a tow vehicle before you were sure that it would pull your load? Not a very smart plan...

No, I'd prefer to not use that truck to pull your show truck. I'd want either a big block gas engine, or diesel. Like mentioned above, a 1 ton dually would be ideal, but a big block or diesel 3/4 ton would be fine too. I wouldnt use any truck with a 350 for that load on a regular basis, regardless of terrain. :bowtie:
i agree. ive towed big trailers, 8k travel trailer with a half ton SUV. NOT GOOD. you need a 1 ton truck with low gearing. dually prefered.

that huge truck is gonna catch a TON of wind and cross-breezes will seem bigger
if you do atleast drop some 4.10s or 4.56s in it to make up for all that weight. So the truck has 3.73s when the dealer told you 4.10s?
snigbertese said:
if you do atleast drop some 4.10s or 4.56s in it to make up for all that weight. So the truck has 3.73s when the dealer told you 4.10s?
Word. I wouldnt be too concerned about suspension or braking issues, since its a 3/4 ton (I'm assuming its the 8-lug, and therefore should have all the heavy duty components)... My concern would be the 350/3.73 combo. If you do decide to pull with that truck, get some 4.56's.
Believe me guys, I looked for a dually and a diesel engine, just not shit around here that I can trust going long distance. I can't afford new so used had to do. The 4.10s are definitely gonna be put in though. My goosneck is a triple axle weighing I would say around 2000#. Just a guess though. Has brakes on all the axles, so that will help. If I can find a diesel engine, I might swap it out. Yes it is an 8 lug with the heavy duty suspension. It pulled a gooseneck before I had it. Also has trailer brakes.
OK, well, as long as you're swapping gears and the trailer has good brakes (sounds like it does, since its on all axles), I'd think you'd probably be ok. Its still gonna be kinda doggy with the smallblock, but I dont think you'll hurt anything.
Well, the gooseneck I'm building, per the plans has a curb weight of 5160 pounds. Thats a 26 foot deck tandem axle 20k pound gooseneck trailer. So add that to your 9k pound truck :eek:
:word: on the diesel engine. Pulling my 16 ft. enclosed trailer, I'm guessing roughly 6k pounds loaded with my bikes was a chore with my moms '02 1/2 ton silverado with a 327 and 3:73's.
Add air bags in the back, change the gears, and do a couple of engine modsw and you should be fine.
Id say swap out the 350 for atleast a 454 or Duramax if possible. Then add Helpers or as Lifted00z71 said add some bags.
since its the 8 lug you should be fine if you swap down to 4.10 gears. but i would put a 245/75 tire MAX. thats what came stock and any bigger is gonna really hurt your hill pulling power.

no doubt your tranny and axles can take the weight
I think if the trailer is loaded right, I mean having 3/4 of the wieght of the truck balanced in the center of the trailer not on the front or the back you can get away with it. You won't be out running anyone but it will get you where you need to go. Also you said you have trailer brakes too that is a big plus.
In my half ton I have pulled some outragous loads. I've had that truck over loaded plenty of times and go down back roads so I won't get stopped my the DPS. But it can be done.
I've hauled 53 joints of 2 3/8" tubing on a 30 ft pipe trailer and those wieght close to 200 lbs each but I had it loaded right and most of the weight was on the trailer. Stopping was hell cause I didn't have trailer brakes. And many loads with our 32 ft stock trailer loaded with cattle.
I think it can be done, but you would need a heavier truck if its possible. That is another reason I wanna new truck too.
Wow, todd that is scary having the truck that overloaded. My biggest concern is that if something happend they could sue you for everything you have because you overloaded your truck and therefore caused the incedent. (even if it is their fault, you were overloaded and could be argued in court)

Owners manual should have towing capacites too, you can download from this website if you register:

Here is a link to GM Canada that has the formulas for figuring if you will be within capacity. Simple math to figure it out.

I concur, 350 w/3.73 will dog with heavy trailer.
Well I believe I have the answer to all of my hauling. For my truck that is. I drive a semi for a living. The company I work for is going to sponsor me by letting me use my truck for hauling the show truck. I have a pintle hitch trailer that I can borrow anytime. I should be able to haul about 50k pounds now. Any body need a lift? :head:
Im not sure if a semi will work.... :crazy:

Sounds like you wont have ANY problems pulling it now!
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