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Can Someone point me to the Thread???

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So I was looking at where the traffic to our website was coming from and this forum popped up rather high on the list. I have tried to do a search to see where it could possibly be coming from and I can't find it.

I assume it is regarding our Transmissions as we have got a bunch of calls recently about them for trucks.

I am not trying to advertise via my sig, I just figure it will help someone recognize the site and be able to post up the link to the thread.

When I saw Adams as a sponsor I figured maybe they were sending people to their distributors, but I found no links there.

Thanks guys,
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lolz I have not seen your business mentioned at all in the performance section.
I cruise this section quite a bit as well as Hitman and MBP, and I don't think I've seen your business mentioned at all, and it doesn't look like they have either. Even if it was mentioned once or twice, I'm confused as to why you want the thread? Will your software not give you the source?
1 - 12 of 44 Posts
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