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Can Someone point me to the Thread???

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So I was looking at where the traffic to our website was coming from and this forum popped up rather high on the list. I have tried to do a search to see where it could possibly be coming from and I can't find it.

I assume it is regarding our Transmissions as we have got a bunch of calls recently about them for trucks.

I am not trying to advertise via my sig, I just figure it will help someone recognize the site and be able to post up the link to the thread.

When I saw Adams as a sponsor I figured maybe they were sending people to their distributors, but I found no links there.

Thanks guys,
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lol you guys are funny. I preffered the gratouitous boob shots vs. the link
For those that are lost. Websites have analytics, it tells you where the traffic came from. This site was not even on the map before and all of the sudden, there it is. So someone posted a link. I am curious to see the thread since most of the parts we do are for Camaros & Trans Am's

The only compatible part is the trans (well and cams)
Ironically with the other forums it will point you directly to the thread, but for this forum it does not. It just ends in showthread and the link foes to something about contact the administrator. with over 200 hits from this site it really left me puzzled. It is possible it was thread that got deleted for a link to a non sponsor.
This site is not on the map? LOL

We have been around since Jan 2004... no one here has heard of you. :rofljest:
This site was not on the list of refering websites to our website, until just recently (i.e. the map I was refering too).

It is strange becasue we do not go after the truck market, so how all of the sudden did people start finding our website from this one???
Truck market is huge!
I am not disagreeing with you one bit. This company is a local auto parts store and the owner does a lot of performance upgrade locally. I said lets take it online, but you can only conqur so much at a time. We just have not had the time or resources to get into the truck market yet.

With the LS engines and the LQ engines so compatible a lot of the performace parts translate to both, so it only makes sense to look into it eventually.
Good Night Guys, guess it will remain a mystery.

Too insure a swift end to this thread let me just say

Call Us for Camshafts, Transmissions, Valve springs, Pushrods, high flow water pumps, stealth shift lights and more....
or visit
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