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I have recently sanded my truck down to prep to get it painted. my buddy just graduated UTI in northern cali for the paint program and has some bitchin guns. I have seen cars he has painted and they come out awesome,

my truck is just roughed up with 600 grit all over and its all smooth and he wants me to get 2 gallons of paint and 2 gallons of clear and he only wants it specifically from a local paint shop called spaceage. I want black with some red flakes or black with some red but just gloss black I was quoted 350 a gallon.
Is this normal pricing?
and is 4 gallons of product really needed for something that is technically still painted just scuffed up?
A quick look online and theres a ton of paints that are way cheaper. whats the different in the ingredients of paint that affect it in the long run?

thank you for any help!
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