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cant get my tv tuner to work

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hey yall i have a jenson v911 or something like that... well i hooked up the antenna to the media thing and then ran the yellow video out to the back of the headunit from the media output and still all i hear is sound. you think in order to see the picture i have to engage the parking switch override i put in ??
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i know in my uncles 07 denali it does the same thing, so i'd have to say yea, im not exactly sure where you ground that wire to but im sure someone on here knows
there is a thread in here somewhere that gives you the code to override the parking brake ill try to find it
i have the switch in my truck ... the problem is .... when i turn on the tv tuner for local stations all i hear is people talking no picture...
just make sure the video input is in good or in the right spot
its crazy i dunno .. bout to just say screw it... everything is plugged in fine...
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