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Audiobahn 1 farad capacitor:
Just want to make sure...Audiobahn instructions say to hook-up my capacitor by the following (my interpretation):
a) connect the pwr and grd from cap to the amp
b) connect cap to gnd
c) connect pwr from battery to cap with resistor (light) inline for charging
d) once light goes out, remove light and then connect pwr
e) power up!

Does this sequence sound right? I've done all my stereo installations, but never connected a capacitor. Just want to make sure I don't create a large current spike during initial power of the system even though I have fuses in place. Thanks
In addition, do I really need to have the gnd from cap to amp as opposed to amp to gnd and cap to gnd? Doesn't seem to be much different just as long as each component is grounded.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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