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carrier kit w/ 4link?

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i've got a couple threads going trying to figure this out.........thanks to those who have been helping me .........if incorrect pinion angle is causing vibration.......... and i can tune the 4link to correct the pinion angle......would it help or be better to install a carrier kit anyway? is an ec and with the long two piece drive shaft.........i want it to be the best possible set up.......thanks
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bcubed said:
No matter how much you adjust at the rear of the driveshaft, I think you are still gonna need the carrier bearing .. I've known I needed one, just never gotten around to it yet since my back is a static drop right now.
so you think no matter if i get the pinion angle dialed in with the 4link i will still MAYBE have a vibration and will therefore benifit from a bearing kit?..........or are you saying putting in a kit is the best way period for our ec trucks?......thanks
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