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castech heads repair

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Ok need some help fellas ive got a 04 Tahoe awd 5.3 just found out ive got the castech heads and they have a crack in them. dealership cost to repair and buy two brand new heads and button back up around $3000 or so. Should I just get some aftermarket heads or maybe 243's is what ive seen on here are a good option and put a cam in it? or just go back stock? I would love more power but I don't want to lose a lot of mpg's at the same time and I know if you increase hp you gonna lose mpg correct? Also if I put heads and a cam on it do I need to go ahead put headers on it too? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Yup that's what I did. I got used heads, had a machine shop clean them up and check them over. Then bought new head gaskets and head studs and did it my self. I think I have just over $500 in parts and I did all the work myself over a weekend. I did new plugs and wires while I was in there and that's included in the 500. It's not very hard but time consuming to move all the shit out of the way to get to the heads. I found a thread online that was step by step that I could send to you.

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I used this link. I found a good set of used 862 heads and I have had no issues. I then bought head gaskets and studs from advanced auto parts if you have one of them close. They ordered the parts and I picked them up a couple of hours later. Also I bought two exhaust manifold stud bolts from napa due to breaking two off in the old heads. I reused the exhaust manifold gaskets. It's not hard just take your time. It takes awhile to get the intake manifold off and to get all the wiring out of the way. Disconnecting the fuel line was a pain but I've never done it before so it could of been user error. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I wish I would of took pictures along the way but I was too lazy.

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